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Racing Tyre Warmer
Racing Tyre Warmer

Racing Tyre Warmer

Customize tire warmer
Product ID : HEW-103
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Material:Nomex Kevlar
Name:Tyre warmer
Product Description

Car Tire Warmer is a must for racing to insure safety,performance and tire life period. 

In the meanwhile it should not be unaffordable, it should be reliable.

The difference between buying a Brand and buying a Customized is:

1.Branded tyre warmer fits wide range like 180mm - 195mm; Customized tyre warmer will be precisely 100% your own size.

2.Branded tire warmer bears the logo of the brand, and you write your name or number with an oil pen; Customized tire warmer will bear your own graphic in the logo area.

3.Thus you can print your own team name, racer's name, racer's number, special notices etc.


---Saving 80% comparing to buying from Italian,German and US manufacturers;

---12 Months or 24 months warranty;

---Much better quality than Taiwan and Chinese copies;

---Licensed - Patent,CE approval, ISO9001:2000

---OEM service 

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