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Attention Points for Using Tyre

Attention Points for Using Tyre

1.       Tire should be fixed on corresponding rims of the same model, requirements and size.

2.       The same axle should be assembled with tires of the same specifications., brands, size, ply rating, inflation pressure and patterns.

3.       All tires of vehicles should be replaced when replacing with new ones. Otherwise, new tyres should be fixed on the outer side of the front or rear axle.

4.       When simultaneously fitting the two tyres of the rear axle, the rotation marks of tyres should point to the forward drive direction.

5.       Tyres should be inflated to standard internal pressure. But on roads of 4% higher camber, coaches can have 0.2-0.3kgf/cm³ lower than standard internal pressure in front and rear inside tyres.

6.       The load tyres is subject to the max load stipulated ofr single tyre. No overload is allowed. And the load should be well distributed.

7.       When changing position, all tyres should be changed simultaneously. Be sure not to change the original drive direction of tyres.

8.       When biding tyre chains, two sides should be bound. After passing through slippery road, the chains should be removed. Too tight or too loose chins may damage the tyre side and the surface of the tyre.

9.       Regularly check the tyre. When rip or hole are found, they should be immediately mended in case the damage will be expanded.

10.   The external tyre should be fixed on standard rims, and keep the rim edge(or the grommet) in good condition. Regularly remove rust and add antirust oil.